Eponymous women’s ready-to-wear
brand high-end, created in 2015 by
Marilyn and her husband Alexis Gaffuri

Marilyn Feltz launches her first line of ready-to-wear Couture 100% made in France. Housed in one of the most beautiful passages of the capital, the first Marilyn Feltz Boutique offers refined pieces made by the best seamstresses of Paris, delightfully playing between elegance, insolence, and flirting materials with Haute-Couture.

Marilyn enjoys interpreting her vision of the Parisian myth, modern, mysterious, sparkling and ultra-assuming femininity. It is inspired by enchanting places, fevered dances and her favorite black films. Freed from all codes and calendars, Marilyn likes the idea of offering a timeless mode and yet still accessible. Its unique style combining relevance and know-how has already seduced women from all over the world, and its pop-up boutiques in the suites of its favorite hotels are already the most sought-after appointments of the unconditional knowing about Sewing.

Discovering the Marilyn Feltz line is a bit like tasting champagne for the first time!


The brand is part of the Maisons de Mode label, the incubator for fashion designers.