“Shades from the past” shirt


I have in my vintage collection a pretty incredible number of seventies high collar shirts that fall to shreds so much I wore them. This cut poses a style, it imposes by this collar much wider and sharper than the average and a rather arched cut … Dressed up this way it is you who we notice first in a club !

They are called in English “Disco Shirt”, yet there are not only funky men “à la Travolta” who have immortalized these iconic shirts of the 70’s. Many rockers have seized it: Keith Moon, Neil Young or Lemmy for example.

I got into the habit of producing shirts rather loose fit BUT I had to honor this great cut by offering you a small capsule directly inspired by what I am talking about at the moment, but with a collar a little less abused than the ones of my all times idols !

I chose a fabric super easy to take care of, easy iron for guys (or girls) allergic to this practice!