“Chantilly” camel cardigan



Camel cardigan “Chantilly”

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Composition: 60% mohair 40% silk.


Knitted in France.

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In winter, there’s nothing I love more than vintage style cardigans. They are sooo cosy, and perfect with my wardrobe, from capri pants to pencil skirts!

I was very keen for my first cardigan to be 100% natural and made in France, as is the rest of my collection. With this in mind, I found a young Angora goat breeder in the French Pyrenees, to acquire his mohair wool. When I showed him my designs, he introduced me to one of his knitting friends in no time, and my dreams came true!

This adorable cardigan is made with 60% mohair and 40% silk… the secret to its extreme softness! The buttons are in delicate natural mother of pearl, and the 3/4 sleeves have a subtle lace-like pattern, which adds a note of mischief to its good librarian girl image…